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Support for Voice RemindMe

Thank you for choosing Voice RemindMe. In this guide, we will give you a tour of the app, from installation, use, configuration, and removal of the app. If you have a problem with this app that is uncovered by this guide, please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Before we begin, please be sure to acquire a copy of the app from the Windows Store. Voice RemindMe is available on a 15-day free trial if you have not already purchased it.

Get Voice RemindMe for Windows from Microsoft

Launch the App

Splash Screen


If this is your first time using this app, please follow the instructions for installation carefully to ensure your app runs smoothly. Click 'Next' to proceed with the installation.

Installation: Welcome

The app requires some permissions to announce on time. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Installation: Step 1

On Windows 10, the permission dialog box should appear like this. Please click 'Yes'.

Installation: Step 1 - Permission

Next, Voice RemindMe requires some files to be installed on your system. Now, click on 'Create Installers'.

Installation: Step 2

Select a folder where the installer and remover will be created.

Installation: Step 2 - Create Installers

Go to the folder you have previously selected, and open 'install.cmd'. When prompted, please allow the installer to run. Once the installer runs, please press any key to continue the installation.

Installation: Step 2 - Installer

Return to Voice RemindMe and click 'Voice Playback'. After a few seconds, a notification will show. You should hear it say, "Welcome to Voice RemindMe, keeping you up-to-date.".

If not, try restarting the app, recreating the installers, and re-running 'install.cmd', before trying again. Once you've heard what you should hear, click 'Next' to proceed to logging into your Outlook account.

Installation: Step 2 - Voice Playback

To log in to your Outlook account, click 'Login'.

Installation: Step 3

Now, log in to your Outlook account. Then, click 'Yes' to grant the app the permissions listed so it can remind you of your Outlook calendar events. Once that is done, click 'Finish' and you're ready to use Voice RemindMe.

Installation: Step 3


When you see 'Syncing...', Voice RemindMe is busy retrieving reminders from your Outlook calendar and scheduling them to notify you at the specified times.

Usage: Syncing...

If there are no reminders in your Outlook calendar, then no reminders will be scheduled.

Usage: No reminders.

Otherwise, you will see the list of Outlook calendar events with reminders scheduled for notification.

To configure the app, click on the command bar located at the bottom of the app.

Usage: Scheduled reminders.

The command bar will pop up with two commands: 'Sync' and 'Settings'.

If you would like to manually sync your app, click on 'Sync'. Otherwise, the app will automatically sync every 12 hours provided the Internet connection is active.

Depending on your device, your app may not automatically sync or remind you if the device is asleep. If your device is hibernating or off, the app will definitely not be running at all.

To change the app settings, click on 'Settings'.

Usage: Command bar.

In settings, there are six different categories: 'General', 'Calendar', 'Weather', 'Message', 'Setup', and 'About'. In the next section, we will explore each one in order.

Usage: Settings panel.


In general settings, you can choose to activate sleep mode. All reminders within these times inclusive will not be scheduled.

Usage: Sleep mode.

In calendar settings, if you are logged in, the status will be 'On'.

Otherwise, turn it on, login to your Outlook account, and manually sync the app and wait for it to complete.

Now, you should see the list of calendars found on your Outlook calendar, including calendars shared with you. Click on the calendar you would like to configure. In this guide, that calendar is 'My Calendar'.

Usage: Calendar list.

When configuring this calendar, you can choose to enable or disable the notifications for this calendar by switching 'Enabled' to 'On' or 'Off'.

If the 'Alarm' switch is 'Off', reminders from this calendar are voice notifications, where the event details are announced to you in words.

In the 'Voice' drop-down list, you can choose from the list of voices available on your device.

Usage: Voice reminders.

If the 'Alarm' switch is 'On', you can set the alarm tone to repeat by switching 'Loop' to 'On'. Also, you can change the number of minutes to snooze in the 'Snooze' drop-down list.

Lastly, the alarm tone can be changed by clicking on 'Browse' to select the WAV file of your choice. If you want to reset the alarm tone, click 'Default'.

Usage: Alarm reminders.

In weather settings, you can switch on weather reporting by switching 'Status' to 'On'.

The weather can be reported in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin by configuring the 'Unit' drop-down list. By typing in the 'Location' field, you can change the location where your weather is reported as shown in the text below the 'Location' field.

To report today's weather at a specified time, switch 'Report Today's Weather' to 'On' and specify the time. To report tomorrow's weather at a specified time, switch 'Report Tomorrow's Weather' to 'On' and specify the time.

Similarly, in the 'Voice' drop-down list, you can choose from the list of voices available on your device.

Usage: Weather.

In message settings, you can configure your voice reminders. Ask Voice RemindMe to include a greeting by switching 'Greeting' to 'On'. Similarly, ask it to repeat another time in case you missed it by switching 'Repeat' to 'On'.

Under 'Opening Tone' and 'Ending Tone', you may change the opening and ending tone played before and after the voice reminder. If you would like to specify your own tone, click 'Browse' to select the desired WAV file. If you don't want a tone, click on 'Clear' to remove it. To reset the tone, click on 'Default'.

In the following fields, you could configure the message and preview it at the bottom. Note that in the preview, the event name is lunch and the reminder is issued 15 minutes before the event occurs. These information will change according to the events retrieved from your Outlook calendar.

Usage: Voice message.

In setup, you can recreate the installer and remover created during the installation of your app.

Click on 'Browse' to select the folder to create these files.

Usage: Voice message.

In about, you can find the link to our website for support and updates. There is also a link to the website where Voice RemindMe retrieve its weather reports.

Usage: Voice message.


Please follow the following instructions for a clean removal of Voice RemindMe. If you could spare some time, please email us on the reason for your decision to remove Voice RemindMe. We are passionate about delivering quality products and services, and your feedback help us do better. We love to hear from you.

To remove Voice RemindMe from your device, please be sure to run the remover 'uninstall.cmd' before you uninstall it from your device. If you lost the file, you can recreate it in the setup panel.

Go to the folder where you have kept the installers, and open 'uninstall.cmd'. When prompted, please allow the remover to run. Once the remover runs, please press any key to continue the removal.

Usage: Voice message.

Now you can remove the app by right-clicking it on the Windows start screen, and select 'Uninstall'.

Usage: Voice message.