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Web design and development from basic to advanced websites.

Bun Bun Studios is a Melbourne based programming and development company. We can provide you with advanced coding services with simple design integration.

"I like the fact it is simple to use. I have referred to the manual I was given however I now can already complete the tasks without using it."

Renae Paul
Centre Manager of Iramoo Community Centre

Why Choose Us?

We offer clean design of code and graphics to maximise search engine visibility, fast loading times, robust designs that work with any content and device.

Bun Bun studios web design and development works on multiple devices

Responsive Web Design with CSS

ALWAYS LOOKING GOOD! with the same website appear on any device – mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, PS4 and more. Responsive Web Design allows your content to rearrange, resize and fit to any device. No need to have a separate mobile site. Visible, readable and clear in every device.

Always looks good!!! Responsive web design auto-arranges, auto-shrinks, or auto-fits your website to fit on any device whether it is in portrait or landscape view.

Office to Web Converter

Our Microsoft Office to Web Converter or OTW Converter transforms simple Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook files into complete websites. We will design CSS templates for your website and once this is done, content management will be a breeze using any version of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook. This allows our customers to edit and add pages with a Word document or Outlook calendar and turn it into a website with all the right designs in any page. Additional of any pages, new updates, blog or new tabs will be automatically added and web-linked. All edits and addition of pages were all offline and can be reviewed offline so nobody can see your updating foul-ups.

Easy offline content management with our software that converts your Microsoft Word documents to a website ready for upload to your web host.

Robots and Search Engine Friendly

Search engines are all powered by robots and it can be hard for them to see your content if it is hidden by too much code. You see, robots don’t see websites the same way us humans do. So we ensure robots can see all your web content and this maximises search engine visibility and ready your website to be near the top list!

Our websites are friendly to robots to maximise the chances your website will be found whenever relevant.

Web 2.0 Websites with HTML5 and Javascript

Using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, your website would not need additional plugins for simple animated portions of the website. Supported by major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. And will be consistent in design and look. HTML5 powered websites are also faster, leaner and cleaner. Making it able to work on low-powered devices such as phone and tablets. Have maximum robot visibility and search engine optimised.

Easy offline content management with our software that converts your Microsoft Word documents to a website ready for upload to your web host.

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