Voice RemindMe will keep you up-to-date!

Voice RemindMe for Windows

Get reminded in your favourite voice at anytime you like! This app will read out your events on your Outlook.com calendar using TTS. So instead of a tone, you get a voice telling you about your events. You can change the voice sentence and have different voice for different calendars. This is the ultimate add-on for your alarm and calendar. And just like an alarm should be, you can also turn it off or set it to have silent hours.

Calendar & Alarm

Individual calendar selection with you choice of voices.

Sync, individual calendar selection, choice of voice or alarm with your Outlook.com calendar.

If voice alarm is selected, you will be reminded by the voice of your choice using TTS. Your choice of voice could be selected from the voices installed in your device, and customisable for each calendar.

The message is also customisable, selection of opening and ending WAV tones. After setting this up, you will be reminded and up to date!


Weather reading function.

Voice RemindMe can read you the weather! Just set the time and location, today’s weather will be read out to you.

And there’s tomorrow’s weather too which you can set a different time to notify you such as at the end of the day. You can also customise this voice so it can be different from the voice used for your calendar. With automatic daily sync, you will be up to date with the weather as well.

Weather information and location of this app is supported by OpenWeatherMap.com.


Manual and automatic daily sync.

Manual and automatic daily sync.


Customisation and selection of calendars.

Select the Outlook.com calendars for reminders and customise them individually.

Alarm or Voice

Choice of alarm or voice

Choice of alarm or voice for each calendar.

Silent Hours

Sleep function

Customise the hours when the app will remain silent.


Customisable tones

Customise the tones for the alarm, opening and ending of voice messages.


Customisable voice

Choose from the voices available on your device.


Sync may not work if your internet connection is interrupted while the device is sleeping. If your device does not have InstantGo technology, the app may fail to sync when the device is sleeping. The app will not work when the device is hibernating or off.

Try Voice RemindMe for Free

Voice RemindMe is available on a 15-day free trial. Get your copy today at the Windows Store. See our instructions for information on how to install and use Voice RemindMe for Windows.